The 20th Christmas

Arianna Tate has a simple and fulfilling life until four days before Christmas when her young son is kidnapped. For two decades, she grieves the loss of Chase and struggles with her marriage to her husband, Alan. Meanwhile, Lydia Feller mourns the death of her estranged sister, who spent years living on the streets with mental illness and substance abuse. Lydia adopts the boy that she believes was her sister's son and raises him in a happy, stable home with her husband, Daniel, and their four children. God works in miraculous ways as, twenty years later, both women's worlds collide . . .

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Author Daphne Self compares Andrea Rodgers to authors Louisa May Alcott (Little Women), Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), and Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind). To read just some of the testimonials in addition to a few below, go to Amazon as well as the Articles page on this website.

Testimonials For The 20th Christmas


I didn't want it to end. Captured the stages of grief so accurately...I keep thinking about the story and discussing it with my family. - G M

What an amazing story, I couldn't put it down, I read it from beginning to end in a few short hours. The 20th Christmas by Andrea Rodgers is a must read. I cried tears of joy and tears of sorrow and it definitely had me putting my faith in the Lord back in check, it's so easy to lose your way...THANK YOU Andrea for writing an amazing story...a truly gifted writer. - H L

Just finished! Such a good book! Andrea Rodgers had me captivated through the entire book! - S S

Very unique storyline as it was not like any other book I've ever read. I wanted to read the whole book in one sitting. As I read, I looked forward to finding out more and what happened next, up until the last page. Very well written, as it flowed smoothly all the way through. Excellent ending. In fact, I found the story so interesting that as soon as I finished the book, I started reading it a second time. - K H

It was so good I read it in just 2 sittings. - M M

Great story! I couldn't put it down until I was done! - A S

Just finished this wonderful book!! I couldn't put it down!! I highly recommend it!!! Get this book!!!! - M A

I really liked The 20th Christmas...good job! I didn't want to put it down. - J M

I just finished The 20th Christmas. It was SOOOO good!!! Very touching and well written. I can't wait to read Andrea Rodgers' next book. - J K

I couldn't put the book down! It was great - I hope Andrea Rodgers continues to write because she rocks! - A R

It is amazing!!! - B L

There wasn't a dry spot to be found while reading - the story remained alive until the very last sentence. In the end, I was left speechless ... A smile washed over my face and peace filled my soul. I look forward to more of Andrea Rodgers' work in the future!
-J R

A poignant story of great tragedy and hard circumstances, yet the author infuses God's healing touch throughout the story. If you like emotional, dramatic stories, this one is for you!
-C D

Thank you for a beautiful book full of faith and love! - M K

Loved it!!!! Couldn't put it down!!! - S G

A wonderfully written, beautiful story…thumbs up! - M L

Awesome book! I stayed up later than I should have to finish because I couldn't put it down! - S C

Such an amazing story…makes me want to go get my boys and hug them. There is so much that I loved about this book! - D M

I'm not an avid reader by any means but I have to say I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. Maybe I'll have to make time to read books more often! - S C

It was so great! I actually cried! - S D

I loved the book! Every parent's worst nightmare. - H V

I picked up the book and never put it down. Just finished it and it was so, so, so good! I fed my family dinner with one hand and my face shoved between the pages but it was worth it for just one night. ;) Can't wait for a next book! - E O

Picture one of today's popular singing shows: when a singer takes the stage and one of the judges gets goosebumps because of the performance--you know the singer is good. That's how I would describe my experience with the very first chapter of The 20th Christmas. When I reached the last sentence of the first chapter I literally had goosebumps.
To sum up the novel in a few words...captivating...heart wrenching...enthralling...triumphant.
-B W

I read the entire book on my flight because I couldn't put it down! An amazing writer...I can't wait to read more from Andrea Rodgers - E C

I finished it the same day I started it, and was brought to fabulous! I will be in line for Andrea Rodgers' next book! - J W

It was amazing in so many ways...I pray that God gives Andrea Rodgers more ideas for stories like this one. - J H

Impressed. . . Great story!!!! - M F

I enjoyed the book and envy Andrea Rodgers' writing talent! - C S

Talented Author! - R L

If you're looking for a great, easy read, I recommend this wonderful novel by Andrea Rodgers. - T S

I just finished this book & all I can say is WOW! It is amazing! I started it earlier today, & it kept me thoroughly captivated. It is a wonderful story based on the power of faith & God. I will definitely be looking for other work by this talented author. - L K

Caged Dove

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Twenty years ago, Aniston Kline learned that childhood rhyme wasn't true after being bullied in junior high. Now a newspaper reporter, Aniston returns to her hometown-a place she thought she would never return to-prepared to write an article about a boy's story that echoes her past. Aniston wants nothing more than to slip in and out of Savanna Shores unseen and unrecognized by anyone who might still remember her; however, a brutal snowstorm ushers her into town and leaves her stranded with her high school crush, Arjay.

Arjay Mason was once the handsome quarterback of the high school football team. Now a police officer in Savanna Shores, he has yet to find lasting love. He realizes he already missed one opportunity with Aniston and doesn't want her to leave again-but how can she stay in a town that once caused her pain?

As Aniston faces her own demons from her past and sifts through old emotions with Arjay, the fate of a teenage girl named Maddie becomes intricately intertwined with the two adults to reveal a much grander plan for everyone involved. While it seemed like it was just coincidence that brought together Aniston and Arjay, the two begin to understand there's a reason.

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On 10/21/15 it debuted on Amazon in the top 50s

There is hardly a book that can make me cry and smile at the same time. Caged Dove did that. Rarely does a book stay with me after I turn that last page, but Caged Dove did that, too. I highly, highly recommend this book. It's an inspiration, a romance, and a deeply moving novel. -- Author DM Webb

Testimonials For Caged Dove




*Caged Dave is the best kind of story . . . I was sad, mad, and laughing all on the same page!

*Rodgers has a captivating writing style - I was drawn into the stories and emotions

*Each chapter - each expression of emotion and feeling from each character's perspective - drew me in so much so that I didn't put the book down until I read "The End."

*There are many fabulous messages woven through the words of Caged Dove, but one of the most poignant of them all is this: A permanent solution to a temporary problem is never really a solution at all. But standing tall, pursuing greatness, and realizing you have the control to change your life's path is the high road and worth every mile of the journey.

*Andrea tells a powerful and raw story that hits a lot cords. And she tells it in a beautiful way that makes you really stop and think about bullying from several different perspectives. I couldn't put it down!

*A very entertaining book to read. The characters drew me in, and I felt like I knew them on a personal level. I was sad when the book ended.

*The book has a steamy (but wholesome) romance that keeps the reader in the game the whole time. This book is a fun read and hard to put down!

*Andrea knows how to keep the reader's interest throughout the whole book with her gifted writing style.

*This is the second book I have read by Andrea Rodgers, and again she won me over! The topic of this book is so on point...The fact that she threw in a romance made it that much more likable.

*Loved so much I bought multiple copies for gifts.

*This is a great story that gives those who are in a dark place a sense of hope that there is more to life even if they feel they are stuck in this dark place. It also lets readers know they are not alone if they are struggling with bullying.

*Andrea uses a unique storytelling method, which keeps the reader glued to the pages. The purpose is carefully knitted throughout the story, which kept me wanting more. What I experienced was a beautiful love story. One that truly stood the test of time. Not just in love with another, but with self. When finished, I was left with happy tears, a joyful smile, and an overpowering sense of hope.
"Trust me, God didn't make a mistake with you - you have a purpose. You have something to offer this world." -Aniston

*I love Andrea Rodgers. Her books are so captivating without all the extra "stuff" and she writes so meticulously. Loved this book.

*While bullying is a heavy topic, the book was a thoroughly enjoyable read!

*Rodgers approaches the subject of bullying gently, yet poignantly!

*Not only did the author tackle the sensitive subject of bullying but she managed to make it a heartwarming, inspirational love story!

*Bringing in faith was the cherry on top especially in today's time when a lot of people are losing touch with their spirituality. It can literally be a life saver.

*This story shows that healing, love, and strength are absolutely possible.

*Bullying is such a huge topic and this author tackles it well. The characters get the chance to discover who they once were, how they've changed, and who they are today.

*Rodgers' writes a very accurate portrayal of bullying from the perspectives of both the victims and the perpetrators. The characters are very compelling and it's easy to get engrossed in their intertwining storylines.

*So good to read an example of closure from the tortures of the past.

*Caged Dove is a story about finding a fresh start, being strong in yourself and it's a great love story!